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Places to get authentic sneakers with 30-60% discounts from retail

October 26, 2017

Places to get authentic sneakers with 30-60% discounts from retail


Hi guys, Calvin here again

So like many, I jumped on the sneaker craze bandwagon that happened between 2015-2017. This sneaker hype started to rise in popularity especially after the Nike Flyknit innovation, whereby the Olympic runners wore their signature flyknit racers in 2012.

Ever since, the athleisure trend started to rise whereby fashion revolved around wearing sports brands and apparels. More people moved towards wearing joggers and cuffed jeans to show off their shoes. This is especially prevalent on Pinterest and Instagram.

This phenomenon spiked between 2016-2017 when Adidas launched their Boost material and their iconic Ultra Boost. Pairing with Kanye West, things got way out of hand and everyone wanted a pair of the Ultra Boost especially when other celebrities started wearing them and raved about how comfortable it was.

Launching alongside was their NMD line catered purely for streetwear and that’s when Adidas kind of solidified their position as the market leader.

So, enough about history. Over these past few years, I have searched all over the internet on which sites are trustworthy and reliable in terms of their shipping, price, quality and have come up with a short list which I hope can benefit other buyers who would like to be part of this sneaker trend without paying exorbitant prices.

Furthermore, many of my friends have asked for recommendations on where they can buy such sneakers. After sharing the prices comparing to local retail ones, they are in shock as to why such a difference is even possible.

The reason is really simple, exchange rate and location of production.

These sites, mainly UK based, all provide international shipping and sometimes free over a certain amount. There are many others that are probably cheaper however, they don’t provide international shipping and so, I choose not to list them here. 

Without further ado, I present to you, the top 4 places where I shop and recommend to many others on places to get their sneakers


This site is the male version of the female focused, It originates from the UK and provides pretty much most of the mainstream luxury brands you can find internationally. For e.g. Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Burberry etc. It regularly blogs about men’s fashion tips and style.

Surprisingly, their Adidas and Nike products are much cheaper compared to prices in Singapore. An NMD will cost about $210 whereas the same model retails about $299 locally. Now that is something I will appreciate.

Furthermore, their packaging is superb! They provide very fast delivery of around 2-3 days, which in my opinion is insane for an international company.

I will say the reason for such a cheap price is due to the exchange rate. It is about $1.7 SGD compared to $2 SGD in the past, which is almost a 30% drop.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!



In my opinion, this site provides the best value for money. It carries most of the mainstream launches and regularly has clearance sales, even for NMDs! I got a pair of R2s at only $160 SGD after shipping! To me, that’s crazy value.

If you’re curious about its authenticity, Size has many outlets all over UK, and even has a local number for you to call them at. Also, for many who don’t know, it’s actually a clearance site owned by one of the big sites which I will be talking about next.

Shipping to Singapore costs only £4.99!



So this site houses probably the most up to date sneakers and even has a few exclusive ones such as the NMDs.

The prices are usually higher priced due to its branding and credibility. Shipping costs more compared to Size, at £10.99.

To highlight again, this is the parent brand of the above store, Size. It usually sends its excess stock over to Size for clearance sales.



This is more or less the most well-known store amongst sneakerheads. Appearing on many articles and videos, Endclothing also does reviews and guides on sneaker copping etc.

On the surface, it’s prices are very affordable however, the shipping fees can get quite crazy at times. So do look out for free shipping promotions!

Their prices featured are already converted to SGD!

They also carry many more hype stuff and premium brands.


So with these 4 sites, I would like to end this article and hopefully you guys have benefitted from it! If I had such information before I started making my purchases, I would have saved a ton of money.

If you liked it, please pass it on to other sneakerheads and lets all enjoy the love that is fashion!


PS: Unsure of which shoe to buy? Worried about the sizing? Trust me, I’ve been there. Do look out for my next article on the top shoe reviewers that I feel provide the most valuable content in giving the most accurate information for purchasing.


Thanks for reading



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