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Spotting Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

April 18, 2017 1 Comment

Spotting Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Ever since I've started selling Ralph Lauren polo shirts in Singapore around 2013, many people have asked me how do they tell the difference between real and fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts.


I've been an avid buyer of many brands before 2013. Ranging from Fred Perry, Burberry, Prada and of course, Ralph Lauren. I sought good deals almost everywhere on the internet.


I've been burnt many times all because I wanted to find a good deal. So I'm hoping this post can help others not face the same mistake I did.


Before I begin, please understand that the clothes manufactured are made by machines and are still susceptible to errors. A slight misalignment does not mean it is fake. 


The few main things which I will cover are as follows,
1. Labels
2. RN or Factory number
3. Stitching
4. Hems
5. Pony
6. Misconceptions




Before I begin, I'd like to say that findings are based off my experiences in the past. Future changes are out of my control and would definitely have impact on this article.
Plus, seasonal/limited designs might be different as well. So I'm only focusing on the classic designs.




Ralph Lauren typically has only 2 kinds of labels at their collar under their brand, "Polo Ralph Lauren".
The top picture shows the newer version and the one below is the older edition which most people recognise.
One key trait of authentic shirts is that the colour of the shirt will be the thread used in the stitching of the label at the sides (See markings).


RN or Factory number


This is relatively simple. By looking at the underside of the sizing label, aka the one that says, “M” just beside the big label, “Polo Ralph Lauren”. There should be a number indicating the factory or retailer/registration number.




This can be quite tough to spot because it takes experience. An authentic polo shirt doesn’t mean it won’t have a single loose thread. Likewise, a fake polo shirt doesn’t mean it will have any loose threads.


Basically, what you should be looking out for is consistency.
The grain and texture should be consistent throughout the shirt. The stitching of the pony should be embroidered neatly without too many loose threads. 




So this part is pretty straight forward. If you can't see a person riding the horse, it's kind of a giveaway. Both the rider and the horse has to be upright, and you must be able to see 4 legs of the horse and just a small curve for the tail. 


Just to be clear, the right one is the replica :D




Many also think being made in China equals fake. That's false. If you were to head down to their retail outlets, a good 50% of their shirts are made in China, others in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam and Pakistan. 
Hence, its country of origin is NOT a good indicator. If you think about it, most stuff is made in China anyway. Do you question if an iPhone is fake? It's made in China after all.
I hope this post has benefited those who are reading. Will be uploading more content to come in the future. Until then, shop safe, shop smart, shop wisely.


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Aregbesola Joseph
Aregbesola Joseph

December 26, 2018

thanks for the post, you have done a great job, I love the brand so much especially looking for the original and this help

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