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Top 5 Ways On How To Be Money-Savvy This Valentine?

February 10, 2018

Top 5 Ways On How To Be Money-Savvy This Valentine?

The sexiest way to save on Valentine's Day? Do the seemingly impossible: spend less and get more.

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1. Take Advantage of Dinner Deals

2. Take Your Valentine's Day To A Familiar Place Called Mi Casa

  • Eat elsewhere. Romance means special, and eating in the kitchen doesn’t cut it. Make a move from the table to a cosy spot in your home. Schedule a delivery from Foodpanda/Deliveroo/UberEats & Netflix your night away.

  • Put the petal to the metal. Make one red rose work for you! Take the petals off the rose and sprinkle them all throughout the area. Create the romantic environment that you want your other half to see! It really adds a luxurious look and feels to your celebration.

3. Flowers For Her

What you need to know first: The best red roses are ice cold. If the product is outside of a cold chamber, which is 32 to 36 degrees, they lose life for every minute they’re outside that cold.

  • Never buy from the side of the road. They’ll only last a day or two because roadside vendors don’t get the best product.
  • Do buy from grocery and even warehouse stores. Ask if those stores keep their flowers refrigerated. If so, then they can be just as long-lasting as those at a florist.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for replacements. If you buy a jar of spoiled peanut butter, you take it back to the grocery store.  Florists (and other experienced retailers who sell flowers) know that they sometimes stock buds that are duds. If you’ve taken all this advice and they die early, ask for new ones.

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4. #OOTD for Men

  • Shop for the life you have now. Go basic, you can never go wrong with that. Suitable for all events, especially for Valentine's Day. Save now and check out with the code "Valentine" when you shop with us. Valid till 14th February.


  • Go Casual. Forget about the Tux! Save the hassle for the both of you and go casual. It makes you look more comfortable when you head to the movies after your candlelight dinner. 

5. Avoid the crazy prices offered by luxury brands out there and allow us to provide that to you with much love.

  • Find out what gifts you can surprise each other with. Check it out here.

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