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Valentine's Day Gift For Him

February 10, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift For Him

'‘Have I ever told you what would look good on me? YOU!'' Can't get enough of pickup lines. Trust me, it works. You can thank me later. If not go for Plan B instead.

Monogram Leather Goods

1. Avoid the crazy prices offered by luxury brands out there and allow us to provide that to you with much love.

2. Coupled with premium materials, packaging and available in both silver and gold foils, you won't be disappointed with the results!

3. Fun Fact! The series of products hail from a local company called Dorjeh. It means "Thank You" in Cantonese. 

4. Stamp both your initials on it! Let your creativity flow with the free initial stamping of up to 4 letters!

5. “Thank You” is a phrase we often use in our daily interactions with people, be it in face-to-face conversations or text messages on our mobile phones.

However, how often do we practise gratitude and make those we are grateful for feel truly appreciated?

Sometimes, a personal card or gift that is well-thought through, picked or even handmade by you can make a whole world of difference for you and the person receiving it.

Dorjeh is derived from the phrase “多謝” (dor-jeh), which means “Thank You” in Cantonese.

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Express gratitude in both speech and action.

Is there someone you have yet shown your appreciation for?

Perhaps it’s time you could do so. Especially this Valentine's Day!


Ralph Lauren Caps

1. It's a necessity. Every guy has it. But not all guys know how to "swatch" their caps with their #ootd. Ladies give them a helping hand, be their stylist. 

2.  Perfect for semi-formal occasions. Dress up your man! Make sure it's appealing to your eyes. 

3. Buy it & claim it as yours even though it's for him! You have to admit, it definitely looks better on you. Don't forget to tag us @audazmen_sg Share your #stealmybfcap moments with us!





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